Fennel Bulb

[dropcap1]W[/dropcap1]here does the time go?  It was only yesterday when I was celebrating my 30th birthday.  Fast forward, I blinked and turned 48.  OMG!  Are you kidding me, I will be approaching the big 50?  I don’t feel older, actually, I feel finer compared to my late 20’s.  Recently, I had my annual checkup with my gynecologist and he kindly informed me that I am approaching peri-menopause.  Hmm! What is a woman to do? Accept and prepare was my natural thought.  He informed me to continue to exercise because exercising decreases menopausal symptoms.  Although, I have not experienced any of the mood swings and hot flashes, I am certain the time will be nearing soon.  However, there is a symptom I have experienced, irregular menstrual cycle.  Perhaps this is my symptom of peri-menopause.

I am a proud fit 48-year-old woman about to enter menopause and I am not looking forward to it.  Recently, I had a fennel bulb in my refrigerator that I had purchased to make a salad.  A little voice inside my head was telling me to juice the fennel.  Naturally, I listened to my internal voice, juiced the fennel bulb and researched the healing properties of fennel.  Woo!  The universe is so wonderful, God knew, I did not want to experience the symptoms of menopause.  What I discovered is that fennel, used throughout the ages in certain cultures as a tonic that support the female reproductive system, for menstrual difficulties, bloating, ovarian disorders, and hot flashes. Many women use fennel tea as part of their natural remedies for menopause rather than synthetic or commercial estrogens. The phytonutrient, anethole is the main component of fennel oil and it has a natural   mild estrogen related action. Fennel is excellent for menstrual problems, PMS, hot flashes, menopausal symptoms, bloating and cramps.

Fennel juice has a light licorice flavor.  Do you like licorice? Sambuca? Anise?  How about the Greek liquor Orzo?  If you enjoy any of these flavors then you will like fennel juice.  Not only will you experience the sweet tastiness, you will also receive the benefits of balancing the hormones.  If you are prone to menstrual cramping, fennel will help due to the antispasmodic properties.

When I discovered the soothing components in fennel, I knew I had to share my discovery with the women I know who are like me at the peri stage or you are possibly a full-blown menopausal woman. We have found a solution that is not synthetic to help us with our discomforts. There is another component to fennel it is anti cancer.   Some research says the phytoestrogen components within fennel will not affect women who have battled breast cancer.  Other researchers believe there has not been enough research to determine that and there has been no significant adverse effects reported.  Pregnant or lactating women should avoid fennel.  Women who have had estrogen dependent cancer should consult their doctors.  Everyone else enjoy the benefits.  I am not advocating that people should stop using their normal medication. Instead, I am sharing with you natural alternatives to a healthy and balanced life. Enjoy~



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