Have you ever had a moment when you simply felt drained, lifeless, moody, anxious, fearful, depressed?  Hey, the list goes on and on...  Some of the illnesses we experience are a result of our stress.  I remember my battle with cancer, the doctors, nurses, and technicians, just about everyone at Sylvester Cancer Center would ask me how are you feeling?  Do you need to talk?  Are you stressing?  The key to battling cancer was to maintain a healthy state of mind.  A person could not allow himself or herself to enter the realm of depression because at that point you further begin to weaken and deplete your body.  If I had allowed the stress to navigate through my body, I would have to fight two debilitating sources, stress and cancer.  This may be difficult for many to understand but during my battle with cancer I had zero stress.  Interestingly, the stress knot I carried on my shoulder, before cancer, had seemed to go away, hmm!  I was so consumed and conscious about healing my body that I refused to be stressed out.

At that moment, I realized I could change my internal universe.  What do I mean?  Everyday the stress of life places harsh demands on the body.  When we realize the results of our own actions we are jolted by the toll we exerted on our body i.e. chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, ulcers, body cramping, grinding of the teeth.  Hey, the domino effect, the situation gets worst and before you know it, BANG!  You are completely wiped out and sick. Ewwh! The horrible effects of stress, deplete you.

Some people will reach for aspirin, processed foods, fried foods, carbonated beverages, alcohol, sugar all the elements that will deplete our digestive system, taxing our colon with toxins, emotions and impactors.   At that moment, the only method to healing the body is to Chill Out!  Look inside your internal universe, your body and mind.  Believe you can change the outcome of what plagues you.

Combating stress involves eliminating the stress.  How do you do it?  By diverting the energy of stress with the power of belief, believing in the power of self, you are in control of your life and you have the will to change your current circumstances. Exercise builds your body, strengthens your mind and diverts the negative energy. Most importantly, fueling the body with foods to strengthen and build your core so you could overcome the stressful condition before circumstances completely deplete you.  What you feed the body will be the source of your energy.  When we offer ourselves nutritional and healthy alternatives to the everyday routine, we begin to turn our lives around and offer solutions that will heal and not deplete our internal eco system.

Our body is our universe, we have an internal world within us that reflects outwardly in our skin, hair, teeth, bodily aromas, attitude… When we fuel our internal world with whole foods and raw juices we are providing our oasis with healing solutions.  Sometimes the problems seem to be so great and over whelming but if you provide your body with the right foods, you will be able to ease the discomforts because you will have the energy to overcome the adversities.  Remember a toxic body is an unhealthy body and we reflect essentially what we place in our bodies.  I am offering nutritional solutions to combating every day health issues.  What I am sharing with you is what helped me.


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