One of my favorite herbs and a must have in your healing chest is milk thistle. Having problems with your liver? Milk Thistle, known for regenerating the liver, cleansing the liver and healing the liver. Lately, I have not been taking my milk thistle, careless me. I guess there are just moments when you forget or neglect to focus on the importance of maintaining great health. When I was undergoing radiation treatment for my breast cancer, I consumed milk thistle on a daily basis because I was concerned about toxins from the radiation destroying my liver. The consistent usage of the herb speeds up the elimination of toxins from my body.

Here I list the illnesses milk thistle is used for: hepatitis; cirrhosis; inflammatory liver conditions; gallbladder and gallstones; liver damage from alcohol; chemicals; drugs; diabetes; viruses; pollutants; toxins and toxic plants.
The plant protects your liver from damage caused by medication: antipsychotic and chemotherapy drugs. There are no significant side effects or warnings from using milk thistle. This essential herb can be purchased in capsule form, tincture and dried herb at Whole Foods or any natural alternative store online and offline. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Milk Thistle, Need I Say More?

  1. Milk Thistle is pretty much your liver’s best friend! It’s mainly known for its ability to reduce the symptoms of a hangover by protecting your liver and helping your body to rid itself of poisons such as alcohol.

  2. I can say that this Milk Thistle [ milk thistle elite (dot) com ] supplement is indeed a great help in maintaining our health and wellness. However, natural health advocates believe it may also be used to successfully address other health issues as well such as lowering cholesterol, treating type 2 diabetes, increasing the production of breastmilk and treating cancer of the breast, cervix, and prostate.

    Seek for you doctor’s advice before doing any medical regimen and remember supplement is just the way it is, and its a replacement for any health regimen.

  3. You are so right it is your liver’s best friend, I am an advocate. I believe everyone should have milkthistle in there cabinets.

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