Veggie image[dropcap1]I[/dropcap1] have always been in tune with my body.  Examining every area, touching, feeling and knowing the contour of my body has always been most important.  One morning as I go thru my ritual breast self-examination, I noticed the cyst under my right breast had changed in size.  Now this cyst has been there for 11 years and it was about the size of a pea poking from under my skin, directly under my right breast in the fold.  The pea had morphed into an odd shape that had increased in size.  Eleven years ago, I frantically contacted my doctor when I had discovered the pea shaped lump.  The doctor calmly explained what I thought was a tumor is simply a benign cyst and I should not be concerned. I left his office feeling comforted by what he told me. Fast forward, now it’s Feb 2008 and I have noticed a change in the appearance and the feel of the pea under my breast.  My pea is no longer a pea, instead it is a mass.  I am feeling nervous and uncertain.  I shared my findings with my husband (John) and we discussed.  Okay, it wasn’t quite like that.  Screech!!!!! Instead, I screamed out to him, “My pea has changed size, please feel it and tell me what you think.  Do you feel the difference in the shape?”  I am scheduled for my annual check up on March 3, my birthday. “What do you think happened?”

I am really feeling a bit uneasy from the discovery under my breast.  I am contemplating the thought of cancer but I dismiss this thought because I believe it is important to be positive.  However, I cannot help but to think about that dreaded word, CANCER. My gynecologist is a comforting doctor.  He set my fears at ease and told me he was certain the change in the shape of the cyst is nothing.  He goes on to tell me, you have had the cyst for 11 years and I am sure you have nothing to worry.  He suggests we respond cautiously by scheduling a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy.  This is what I love about my gynecologist, he has great bedside grace and he is thorough.   I received an appointment for the end of March.  Now, when it comes to my body I am a bit, not much, just a bit of a drama queen.  I had two weeks to calm my nerves before the mammogram. Wow, unbelievable, not easy, but I managed to calm my nerves.

Meanwhile, I continue to check on my distorted pea.  I would pray over my pea in hopes the universe will bless the shape and return the area to what I perceived as normal.  Daily I counted down the days to my mammogram.  As I continue to go about my days as a marketing executive and spouse, I tried not to think about my breast and the date of my mammogram.  Then I received a dreadful call or what I would perceive as a horrible call.  The mammogram office calls to reschedule my appointment for the first week in April.  “Are you kidding me?” That was my response when the nurse said, “The doctor will be on vacation.”  Is there another doctor who could see me?  I have a distorted lump under my right breast, could I please see another doctor. In other words, “I’m scared!”  I would not say that because I am really trying to keep my cool.  Unfortunately, my appointment was rescheduled for April.

The big day finally arrives and I am there at the mammogram center, waiting patiently for the nurse to call my name.  Finally, I enter the room for my mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy. The technician and doctor are constantly reassuring me that my cyst is probably benign.  Okay, I accepted their diagnoses as being fact, especially since they are all telling me this is common, based on their experience, the cyst results will be benign. A few days later, I am at peace and I have accepted what the doctor and staff at the mammography department had told me.  My spirit felt so at ease that John had to remind me to call for my results.  Calmly I called for the results, feeling confident that nothing is wrong.  The person placed me on hold because the doctor had to provide me with the news.  I remember clearly her voice when she answered the phone, it began, “Sonia, I am so sorry.  This is so unusual, you have cancer, usually the test will come back benign, I am sorry.” NOT GOOD NEWS!  Instantaneously, the tears rolled down my cheeks, the words were no longer there and my thoughts flooded with the word “Cancer.”  “I am not ready to die. Are you serious? Cancer?”  I couldn’t breath, John grabs the phone, he is talking to the doctor and I am not there, I am completely numb. Never would I want to experience that level of emotion again but I am thankful for what I gained from the experience, a sense of self-worth and self-knowing.  What I mean is that I discovered how to nurture my body.  When I was diagnosed with cancer the entire time I was thinking,” How did I get this? Why me, I work out and eat healthy?  Why Me?”

Now I say, WHY NOT YOU?  Anyone could be diagnosed with cancer; we do live in a toxic environment.   We eat foods that are against the natural laws of nature, loaded with pesticides, byproducts, antibiotics, hormones and the list goes on…. some foods are not fit for human consumption. Hormonal overload is what I had going on in my body.  My cancer, mucinous carcinoma, a rare cancer found in women who are 60+ and accounts for only 2-3% of breast cancer cases.  I was 45 years old when diagnosed.  My estrogen levels were very high and this was the reason for the cancer.

Cancer taught me how to heal my body.  I believe I connected to my inner spirit and it was my inner being that was truly directing me.  I decided to integrate western healing with natural healing.  Instead of doing the lumpectomy, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy, I opted for the lumpectomy, radiation and organic nutritional healing. My nutritional healing began immediately.  I purchased the most powerful juicer the Green Star Juicer.  This juicer has a twin gear juicing system that extracts a higher content of juice with delayed oxidation allowing the juice to stay fresher longer with all it’s nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  My Green Star Juicer became my best friend. What I juiced regularly are carrots, apples, cabbage, dandelion, spinach and beets because of their anti cancer, detoxifying and healing components. My smoothies were made from various berries because of the antioxidant components.  Everything I juiced and ate was organic to maximize the pure nutrients and eliminate toxic pesticides. My blog is all about the healing foods, I intend to share with you my recipes and information on vegetable, fruit and herbal healing.  Along with the juicing and smoothies, I drink many herbal teas such as dandelion tea with chamomile.  I will share with you the healing properties I gained from the herbal teas and where you could buy. Remember I am not an expert on nutrition and I am certainly not a doctor so I recommend you to do your own research.  This is my testimony to the healing benefits of juicing.

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