Inward Peace


Having a sense of empowerment propels you to the places you dream and desire. Swami Rama says” Human beings have forgotten that all things happen deep within before they appear on the physical and mental levels. We must understand our inner skills and…use them as much as possible in order to ensure perfect health.”  When we change our pattern of thinking we begin to change our external world. Many of life’s setbacks and obstacles are conduits toward the inner journey.  Through obstacles, we navigate inwardly to find the answers and solutions to overcome the external forces.  As we journey , we become awaken to the greatest energy of all, our light. Through strength, inward focus, a balance diet and self-belief we awaken, the light knows more.

I began to see my internal light during my battle with cancer.  The obstacle guided me to my inner spirit and I began appreciating me, Sonia.  Inwardly, I started thinking about the food I put into the body God gave me.  With this thought, I set about finding healing foods and began to think about my sustainability.  The food I chose represents cleansing and healing.  Raw juices are liquid nutrients for the mind and body.  Whole foods are cleansing, nurturing and are uplifting; you never feel sluggish from eating vegetables and fruit on account of these foods are energizing.  When you combine great food with proper exercise, you are providing an internal awakening.

My yoga practice and jogging I take seriously.  The asanas, pranayama (breathing), meditation and running strengthen my body, my mind, my lungs and cleanses my internal organs. Yoga is renewal. Yoga is cleansing. Yoga removes the camouflage and the emotional baggage to reveal your true essence. Yoga is about believing in self and empowering that self to greater degrees. It is not uncommon to be on your yoga mat practicing and suddenly becoming emotional for no apparent reason.  This is a cleansing moment; you are releasing suppressed emotions that were tucked deeply away. The emotional cleansing moments are tools for creating a harmonious balance within your life.  I have had a few emotional moments emerge on my mat and when this happens I allow myself to experience the emotion to understand where it is coming from.  Often, a suppressed thought from a distant place would pop up.  Each time I have had such an occurrence, I would experience the tension being released within my body through the emotions.  If I were doing an asana to open my hips, while in that position I become overwhelmed with emotions, I allow myself to experience the emotion.  Later, I would practice the same asana and would experience a deeper flexibility in that area, I become more open.  The lesson, when you let go of suppressed emotions, you open the door to opportunities within yourself.  The combination of running and yoga provides me with the greatest balance.  I would do a few asanas to prepare my body for the run; afterwards, I would do asanas to stretch my muscles and to calm my body down. A great workout follows a greater sense of empowerment, endurance, strength and confidence.  When you combine whole food, yoga, exercise and meditation, the path way to the inner light shines brighter.

Mediation has a calming effect, knowing how to control your mind and silence your thoughts is the pathway to being. The practice of meditation takes time to develop because the mind is full of chatter and disruption from the external world. At one point you may say to yourself, “I feel silly sitting here. I feel bored”. Practice assures change and control of the mind.  Initially, try meditating for 5 minutes.  Sit in a comfortable position and focus on the area between your eyes, known as the third eye.  If you realize your mind is drifting, be aware and accept what you see.  Look at the thought from a third person perspective.  See it, accept it and then let it go.  Through time and practice, the chatter of the mind begins to diminish.  Happiness is not found in the external world, happiness begins within. Focus inwardly, the happiness you seek will be found and reflected outwardly. Being balanced is the light I seek, through balance, I achieve bliss and this becomes the Spajuicebar experience. Enjoy!~

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