Cleansing is Renewal

Recently, I was on vacation visiting with family and friends in Philadelphia, PA and Aurora, NY. I returned a week ago and this past weekend, I began to feel the sluggishness and discomforts from my partying good time! Wahoo! My body is telling me it’s time to detox, and I’m ready for a juice fast.

My body feels like it needs to detox, it has been months since my last juice fast, I am long over due. Today, I decided to begin this week preparing my body for my juice fast starting, Monday August 1. The 5 day fast will focus on cleansing the digestive tract to rid my body of toxin. What I love most about raw juice fasting is the abundance of energy I feel during the cleansing, my body feels lighter and I feel great. Since I am a raw juicer, there is not much preparation for me to do other than to get my mind ready for the detox. This involves acceptance, accepting for a week I will not eat solid foods. Instead, I will provide my body with only liquid whole foods to cleanse and nurture my colon, organs and blood. A detox naturally provides me with the answers or solutions to unnerving day-to-day issues as I remove unwanted junk. This is the time and moment to truly channel energy towards self-love and preservation, a detox cleansing program is all about renewal.

During the cleanse, my body will have a moment of relaxation from digesting foods. In addition, I will allow my body the time to not ingest negative talk and thinking. While my digestive system rest, I will cleanse and nurture me from the inside out with whole organic foods. The juices I will prepare will focus on the total cleanse of mind, body and spirit for holistic healing. You cannot cleanse the body without cleansing the mind, when both are balanced the internal spirit illuminates brightly.

For first time juicers, I would recommend juicing for two to three days maximum and please be kind and mindful of your body. Should you feel two or three days are too much, try it for 24 hours, and take your time. The week before your fast, eliminate processed foods, sugar, excessive coffee, fried foods, and meats. During the pre-fast begin including more salads and fresh organic vegetables and fruit to help the body transition to an all liquid whole foods diet.

While fasting, your body may begin to feel symptoms of nausea, drowsiness, and lightheadedness, possibly cold like symptoms. Those are the usual symptoms a person may feel when they are detoxing for the first time as the body goes through the process of releasing toxins. This feeling will pass in a day or two.

When I am on a juice fast, my objective is to maintain full hydration with raw food juice and water. My stomach feels full because I continuously nourish my body with liquid nutrients throughout the day, never do I feel the emptiness from hunger when I fast. In addition to the raw fruit and vegetable juices, I brew herbal healing teas to enhance the cleansing process too. Dandelion, burdock, green tea and hibiscus are a few of the teas I brew. Daily, I will share my insight and answer questions regarding raw juice detoxing on my Facebook page. Detox with me and follow my experience on Facebook leading up to the first day of the fast August 1, 2011 and throughout. We will do this together and you will feel energized. Let’s chat, enjoy!~

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