The Power of Cabbage

[dropcap1]R[/dropcap1]ecently, one of my closest friend’s was diagnosed with peptic ulcer disease.  She contributed her ulcer to the stress of her job as a lawyer and the continuous intake of aspirin for her migraines, possibly caused by peptic ulcer disease (PUD). Her symptoms were severe pains after her meals, followed by vomiting and severe headaches.  Other symptoms of PUD are known to be burning pain before a meal, during the night, discomfort in the chest or back, a choking sensation, itching, nausea and/or vomiting, pains in the stomach and heart burn.

Her doctor immediately placed her on the purple pill Nexium and advised her on the foods she should avoid.  My friend believes in the power of pharmaceutical medication and for the first time she asked me to research and find a juice to heal her ulcers.  Several months ago, I read about the power of cabbage juice as a remedy for PUD.  Of course,  when I told her about my finding immediately her response was “Ughh!  I can’t drink cabbage juice. I may just stick with the purple pill”. My response, if you could begin to see healing results within a few days would you be willing to try the raw juice?  Her response was “yes”.

In 1950, Dr. Garnett Cheney and other researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine conducted research showing considerable healing effects from raw cabbage juice in less than 7 days.  Cabbage has the amino acid glutamine, known to promote the growth and regeneration of the cells that line the gastrointestinal tract.  Drinking 1 liter of raw cabbage juice daily throughout the day resulted in PUD healing within 10 days.  The problem with drinking such a high volume of cabbage juice is frequent excessive gas.  Dr. N.W. Walker (pioneer of raw juice) recommends blending carrot juice with the cabbage to prevent severe gas and the taste will be palatable. I would go a step further and add cinnamon to the raw juice. Cinnamon halts the development of stomach ulcers without interfering with gastric acid production.  Some treatments for ulcers may cause a shortage of gastric acid, which can lead to indigestion.  Cinnamon halts the development of stomach ulcers without causing indigestion by blocking the body chemical that causes indigestion.

Another dynamic healer for PUD is licorice root. The root has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 3,000 years as a tonic for ulcers, cold symptoms and skin disorders.  Licorice Root has the glycyrrhetic acid compound known to promote the healing of ulcers by increasing the stomach’s defense mechanisms and strengthening the stomach’s protective mucous coating while providing a boost of oxygen and nutrients to the intestinal walls.  Pure glycyrrhizinic acid may cause retention of sodium and water however deglycyrrhizinated (DGL) licorice has no known side effects and it is just as effective and available.  You can find DGL online or at your local natural food store or Whole Foods. DGL comes in chewable form to soothe the inflammation, while protecting the stomach and intestines.

When taking licorice it is important to include potassium rich fruits and vegetables such as bananas, apricots and carrots in your diet because licorice is known to cause potassium loss, fluid retention, and high blood pressure if taken daily for more than 6 weeks.  The effects are especially critical if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, glaucoma or kidney disease.  Because licorice converts testosterone into estrogen, people with estrogen sensitive disorders such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, fibrocystic breasts should avoid licorice.  Men who have erectile dysfunction or who are infertile should avoid licorice too.  If you have any severe medical condition please consult your doctor.

In addition, aloe vera juice will stop bleeding from ulcers and a high fiber diet will reduce the rate of PUD.  Yogurt and probiotic are excellent in feeding the intestinal area with friendly bacteria.  Most importantly, please avoid processed foods, fried foods, sugar, carbonated beverages, white flour, excessive alcohol, coffee, chocolate and all foods that are highly acidic.  Replace the acidic foods with alkaline foods to neutralize and balance your system.  Such foods are blueberries, raspberries, broccoli, brussels sprouts, spinach and cucumber.  Keep in mind we can help our doctors by providing our body with healing foods.







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